Q: Geppetto

Run Flat
Roll Tide
Myrtle (RR)
One Hit
Run Run
Vila (WBK)


YHC wasn’t sure he wouldn’t be the only PAX in the gloom but I was happy to see a good crowd of HIM’s rolling in including VILA!

Welcome and disclaimer given
Creedo recited


Imperial walkers IC 15
Big Arm Circles IC 15
Daisy Pickers IC 15
Reverse BAC IC 15


YHC was happy to see there were enough PAX to bring baby with us. So I grabbed baby and we moseyed to the wall.

PAX put rucks in their lap for People’s chair passing baby for 3 1/2 minutes. There was a decent amount of mumble chatter to start even a joke from Myrtle about Hooters and a one legged lady…

The we hit the football field for:
crab walk 50 yards
25 overhead ruck press
bear crawl 50 yards
25 squats
lunge walk 50 yards
25 squat thruster
Cusack 50 yards
25 hand release T merkins

Back to the wall for another 3 1/2 minutes of People’s chair passing baby. This time was must more difficult with less mumble chatter and more leg shakin


Overhead ruck flutter kicks 25 IC
Overhead ruck flutter kicks 25 IC
Overhead ruck flutter kicks 25 IC
Overhead ruck flutter kicks 25 IC

That’s correct. Pax did 100 overhead ruck flutter kicks 25 at a time with about 20 seconds in-between reps

YHC was reminded in the 2% Michael Easter email this week of how much more we usually have left in the tank when our brain tells us we are done. This is a defense mechanism from our hunter gather days that we can learn to bypass. IE: If I told pax to do 100 overhead ruck flutter kicks in 4 minutes our minds would shut that down. But if I lead in a 25 count 4 times in a row in four minutes and break it up well that’s another story. Push past the initial wall to keep accelerating.

As our friend David Goggins says:
“When you think you’re eff’ed you’re reallly only about 60% eff’ed and you can either listen to your inner B voice and quit or keep pushing and stay hard.”

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –

5 year F3 Macon Convergence May 13th at Red Dawn
Next Saturday coffiteria will be at About Face- March 11th

Prayer/Praise –

One Hit’s M Jodi this week leading up to a speaking engagement next week
One Hit and Roll Tide both reminded us how easy it is to get prideful and selfish we can be and called us to be aware.
Praise for Geppetto’s mom’s scan being clean. No Cancer.