Q: OneHit

PAX: Houlihan (FNG Welcome!), Gepetto, Maestro, SEC, Piggyback, Scooter, Flomax, Myrtle, Big Chick, GPS, Buzzard, Tater Salad, Downy, Sub, Bewyak, Run Flat, Fun Run, OneHit,

INTRO: Large Crown with great Mumble chatter this morning.

It’s always encouraging to see a big crowd, especially on a Monday morning!
Instead of sleeping in on a Monday and feeling like crap after partying or whatever all weekend like many of us have done in the past, we’re actually out here working hard, getting better while just about everyone else is asleep & I love it!

Standard disclaimer was made and 5 core principals were stated by Flomax, Credo was said by Maestro and Gepetto let us know what our F3 mission statement is. Thx fellas.


Bear Hug, Chinook, Big Arm Circle, Don Quixote, Daisy Pickers & Burpees x 12

THE THANG: Ruck up and head to the football field goal line.
We stayed together for the most part this morning and hallelujah to the 6 after each exercise.
Bear Crawl to the 50 yd line
Bear Crawl Ruck pull (Alternating each arm you pull with) to the opposite goal line.
10 burpees
Bear Crawl back to the 50
After a brief reminder that we don’t have to focus on how far we have to go or how hard it is going to be or how much it’s going to suck etc.
All we have to do is get started and keep moving forward and eventually we will get there….
Also a reminder that there Aint no reward when we get there except for the next exercise.
Just like in life, only reward for overcoming a challenge is the next challenge.
Keep pushing
We then Bear Crawl Ruck pulled again back to original starting point.

Ruck up and meet on the track

1st round of 20, 20, 20
20 Ruck Swings
20 High pulls
20 Over Head Press
Followed by a Jog or fast ruck for one lap (400 yds)

2nd Round of 10, 10 , 10
10 Ruck Swings
10 High pulls
10 Over Head Press
Followed by a Jog or fast ruck for two laps (800 yds)

Ruck over to Mary

Some thought it couldn’t be done, there wasn’t time and Mary was gone but we found a way.

MARY: 26 Over Head Ruck Flutters

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Congrats on 5k this past Saturday, plenty of things going on so check slack.
Prayer/Praise –
Buzzard-traveling and presenting today for work, Flomax-balance work family and busy season, tater-retirement and all that goes along with it and peace this week,
Gepetto-parents esp mom and family, Bewyak-sons busted lip and to show more grace in difficult/trying situations.

Good Work Men!