Q: OneHit

PAX: Maestro, Myrtle, OneHit

INTRO: Three HIM gathered in the gloom to get in some extra work this morning before we went streaking. &of course Myrtle never ceases to impress.

I Stated the standard Disclaimer & the fact That we all knew the rest

WARM-O-RAMA: Bear Hugs, Daisey Pickers, Big Arm Circles x 10

THE THANG: Ruck up and head to football field.

Merkins, Over head press, Ruck Swing, Squats x 10
Bear Crawl to 50
Over Head Ruck Carry to end zone
I then showed the PAX how to grab your pack and do an overhead press that will allow you to drop it on your back quickly when done.
This will save time and effort at event when cadre are yelling at you to get your pax on fast.
Ruck Up and do a lap
Over head ruck press, Curls, squats & flutter kicks x 25
Ruck Lap
Go to end zone again
Merkins, Over head press, squats x 25
Bear Crawl 50 yds, Overhead Ruck Carry to end zone
circle up on track for merkins, overhead press, overhead ruck flutters x 25

Lunge walk 50 yds

crab walk 25 yds with ruck on front.

ruck to flag

MARY: 50 abc

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – runs coming up, ruck at the yard sunday at 1, check slack
Prayer/Praise – Huffy and my fil doing well, thanks for prayers. Pray for all of men of f3 and families.

Good Work Men!