Q: Maestro / Run flat

PAX: One hit
Run flat
Fun run
Free Bird
French lick
Tatnall (Respect)
Spackler (Respect)

INTRO: Thanks to runflat for getting us going this morning. I was a few minutes late and he stepped up and got us warmed up. Lesson for me – get to site early! Lesson for all pax – if your late come on it doesn’t matter if you’ve over slept or not!

Did you know anaerobic exercise burns fat calories at higher rate than aerobic exercise? It mixes it up and hopefully you get a nice burn in.

I enjoyed the ridicule this morning and I hope tou all can’t stand straight tomorrow morning

Thank you Run flat! Looks like y’all did a few old man windmills.

Russian roulette asked several pax to give a number we then walked in a circle counting the rucks in front of us until we reached that number. Did it several times completing these exercises:

Curls for girls ic 10
Overhead press ic 10
Ruck swings ic 10
Overhead press 10

If you found the heavy ones – good for you

Ruck to top of visitor stands

Irkins 10 ic
Dips 20 oyo
Derkins 10 ic

Ruck to home side bleacher wall for some
Peoples chair

While holding a people’s chair we did the following:

Toe raises ic 10
Rucks in lap
Drop 2 inches

Recover for Ray finkle kicks

Peoples Chair
Raise right leg
Raise left leg
Overhead ruck ores ic 10

Recover for monkey humpers

Peoples chair
Pass rucks to left and then back down recover

Met in the field for
Locked arm lunge walk 25 ic
I am Ron Burgandy?

Circled up for
Squats 10 oyo
Rinse and repeat for a total of 50
(Added some prison squats in)

Mosey ruck to the flag For Mary

Overhead ruck 6” leg lift ic 20
Freddie Mercury ic 15
Dying cockroach ic 15
Heel touches ic 15

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Prayer/Praise – SEC WAS 6th man
Christmas 🎄 lighting. For strongyiwer this Friday at 5
Christmas presentation this weekend at ingleside

Prayer for FrenchLick as he gives encouragement to his son champ
Prayer for Andy Johnson battling colon cancer