Q: Geppetto

PAX: Bewyak
French Lick
One Hit
Free Bird
Test Strip (FNG!)


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5 core principles
mission statement

Welcome to Musical Interlude Monday! Where everything happens to the backdrop of music, maybe not good music, but music nonetheless.
Reason: sometimes it helps to disassociate from the task at hand in order to push through or complete the drill. We need to focus on the forest and not the tree sometimes.
“Do Hard Things”


Daisy Pickers-IC-15
Don Quixote-IC-15
Downward dog (static stretch for back, hammys, and calfs)-IC-15

Musical Interlude- Sexy and I know it-LMFAO


Mosey to the track-Musical Interlude-Party in the USA-Miley

De-rucked for tradition Indian Run. We got in 3 full laps, Puma pushed the pace until Maestro could catch up and slow down the big cat.
Musical Interlude- Distance-Cake and Let’s get it started- Black Eyed Peas

Grabbed our rucks and circled up on the cold damp field and left the rucks on the ground for now. Musical Interlude- Lose yourself- Eminem We bear crawled in a circle until the chorus came on, then stopped in front of whatever ruck we were at (hopefully not One Hit’s) and preformed an exercise. There were three chorus’s so we did: curls, overhead ruck press, and ruck swings (because YHC didn’t get enough at the gobbler challenge)

Next musical interlude- Every Time We Touch- Cascada
Similar setup: During the first verse and subsequent instrumental breaks we bernie sanders in a circle. During the chorus ( 3 times) we stopped and preformed exercises which were: Bonnie Blairs, Monkey humpers (obviously while making eye contact) and Star Jacks.

Next we brought back the Indian Outlaw to: (you guessed it) Indian Outlaw- Tim McGraw. Lined up in the plank position and did a merkin wave from front to back and then PAX in the back runs to the front and starts the merkin wave again. Did this for almost 2 full plays of the the song.

Headed to the flag for Mary!


Musical Interlude- Cupid Shuffle- Cupid
Hold high plank for the whole song 3:50! During the chorus we plank walked to the right, plank walked to the left, kicked 1 foot at a time 4 times and then 2 merkins. Solid core work out.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
500 mile challenge on going, .75 miles today!
Strong Tower Christmas Tree lighting Dec 10, 4:30-5:30
Prayer/Praise –
Geppetto’s Grandfather and support raising

Shared a quote from “Do Hard Things” :
One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.
We have to make these decisions every day and sometimes every moment. It’s not one and done.