Q: Maestro

PAX: Gepetto, French Lick, GPS, Fun Run, Big Chick, Peaches Respect Maestro

INTRO: it was a cold one and the farmers carry could not warm up the finger tips. Gloves were mentioned in a pre blast and it looks like the warning was taken seriously by all except for YHC

Started with the 5 core and mission statement
And a nice set of merkins (10 ic ) to help us remember

Big arm circles 10 ic
Imperial Walker 10 ic


Rucked to the gate of practice field picked up coupons

Farmers carry to the goal post
Chinooks 10 Ic
Coupon row 20 each arm

Farmers carry 100 yards
20 merkins oyo
Farmers Carry 100 yards
30 curls oyo
Farmers carry 100 yards
Kettle Bell 30 oyo
Farmers Carry 100 yards

Ruck to the track

1 lap Indian walk carrying ruck either
Right farmers carry
Left farmer carry
Over head ruck

1 lap Indian run

Ruck to gate the. Overhead ruck to the flag for a 8 min Mary


Over head ruck flutter kicks 25ic
Back scratcher 15 ic
Back scratcher (move heels out a little further) 15 ic
Little baby crunch ic 20
Crab plank oyo 1 min
Slow Gas pumps 20 ic

10 merkins to finish us out

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama
Announcements: Gobbler challenge led by Rol Tide
Prayer/Praise: GPS grandfather passed
Prayers for Renee and Ruthie (family)

Thankful for the prayers for the men on Mens hike