Q: French Lick

PAX: Tattnall (R)
One Hit
French Lick

5 Core Principles
Mission Statement

SSH-> 25-> IC
Daisy Pickers-> 10-> IC
Bear Hugs-> 10-> IC
Burpee-> 10-> OYO
BDE Burpee-> 5-> OYO

The PAX moseyed to the visitor bleachers and performed 5x calf raises up a flight of stairs before hitting the stadium bleachers running up the bleachers and walking down. After completing the stadium run, the PAX “played it cool” in the squat position until the 6th was in. PAX then moseyed to the track. The first lap consisted of Bear Crawling 25-30 yds, then performed 25 double count shoulder taps. Next we performed lunge walk 20 steps, once 20 completed the PAX performed 20 squats. After the squats the PAX Bear Crawled another 30 yds and completed 15 Merkins. Upon completing the Merkins we went into a Lunge Walk for a 20 count. Then the PAX moseyed the curve and hit our six position and performed OverHead Ruck Flutter 30 count and 40 OverHead Ruck Press then moseyed around the track to where we started and repeated the performance. The only change was adding 25 Gas Pumps and performing 25 OverHead Ruck presses instead of 40.

Big Boi Sit-ups-> 25-> IC
American Hammer-> 30-> IC
LBC’s-> 30-> OYO
Held the 6″ leg lift for approximately 60 seconds till the bell sounded

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – IPC Week 5, the 2.0 event has been moved to 10/22/22, last week of UPC
Prayer/Praise – Prayed for the Cross family as they begin to deal with early stages of alzheimer’s, for Fancy to give him confidence in his leadership as he shepherds to those in need, for One Hit as he continues to navigate the world of being a father of teenagers, for Sub’s wife whom is currently going through medical testing.