Q: Geppetto

Sloppy Joe
Spackler (R)
Tater Salad
Peaches (R)
Run Flat
Fun Run
One Hit
Myrtle (RX2)
Big Chic


My name is Geppetto, I’m a volunteer and everything is voluntary. Modify up or down as needed.

Bewyak gave us the core 5
Myrtle gave us the thing…
Creedo was given by YHC ( you only get left behind on runs at red dawn, never any other time)

As will always be the case when Gepetto is the Q- “Wolverine!” war cry results in 3 war hammers for all. No limit per person, per morning, or ever!


Bear Hugs 15 IC
Daisy Pickers 15 IC


Introduced “Baby”(40lb sandbag)- She doesn’t go in the corner! She comes with, all morning long!

Didn’t make it too far before the first Wolverine call! But we moseyed to the track for a few laps of Indian Rucking while adding in “the Move” from Dirty Dancing with baby. Obviously with THE song playing from a movie Myrtle apparently hasn’t seen. My guess was he just forgot…
Anyway we rucked single file around the track passing baby overhead, last man gets to the front to start us over again.

Next we hit the wall for some “Wonderwall” action! Rucks in the lap ensured PAX were sitting low enough to feel the Bern. 10 men and a Baby! We passed Baby back and forth, one end to the other till the song ended. Wolverine was called mid way and sounded more like “Uncle”… but we dropped and did our War Hammers then got back on the wall.

The field had a nice frost on it and YHC was wearing gloves. So I removed the gloves and rather than plank up in a circle on the track we headed out onto the field… I regret nothing but it wasn’t the best choice I’ve ever made. Ring of fire came next: started with a right handed baby pull passing her off to the next PAX in the circle then doing 10 plankjacks till she got back to the start. Then we went left, after the pass PAX did 10 shoulder taps double count. Wolverine was called too many times and the frost was melted underneath backs and butts, especially scooter! We did 2 rounds each way while Johnny sang then moseyed to the flag. Obviously stopping for quite a few War Hammers.


On top of the many… many… many war hammers:
ruck flutter kicks 35 IC
American ruck Hammers 15 IC
War Hammers 15 OYO

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –

Lots of oppurtunities for 5k’s and a 1/4 Marathon upcoming
Adventure race is canceled for March… But there is a Grow Ruck that same weekend in Washington DC sooooooo do that instead!
Prayer/Praise –

Peaches- pre-op today, surgery next Monday
Prayers for UGA team and families of Players who died in a car wreck, that coupled with Cardinal is a stark reminder of the brevity of life.

YHC read the quote for the day, which was along those same lines from Marcus Aurelius:

“The longest lived and those who die soonest lose the same thing; the present is all that they can give up, since that is all you have, and what you do no have you cannot lose.”

Prayed over peaches
Pledged it out