Q: Szczerbiak

PAX: Mr. Fixit, Spackler, Peaches, Ol MacDonald, Moped, Downy, Aunt Bee, Tater, Ratatouille, SEC, Buick, Roll Tide, Loofa, Maestro, Myrtle, Run Flat, One Hit, Big Chick, Szczerbiak

YHC Rolled up on 2 wheels after the Ruck – Roll Tide started the warm up, bringing calm to the kayos – Thank You!

Performed the following during the initial mosey:
5 Core
Mission Statement

Mosey While explaining the rules to todays Football Extravaganza:
Taking a couple footballs along for playing catch during the workout. If ball is dropped = 3 Burpees for all. Possible 2 balls in the air at a time. IF you drop the Pass – Call out your teams (or least favorite teams) “GO DAWGS”. To signal the PAX for the Burpees

This added about 60 Burpees to the day.


Line Up on Goal line for:
Standard football pre-game warm ups -15 yards each:
High Knee Runs
Butt Kicks

Carioca – sideline to sideline switching at each hash


Head for the home side Grandstand for:
Home Fan’s 12th Man (12’s) (Like 11’s except one more)
At the Top: Bulgarian Single leg Squat (each leg)
At the Bottom: Diamond Dips (touch thumbs during dip)

Mosey onto the field and and from sideline to sideline a few times, then head for the Visitor’s Grandstand for:
Visitor’s 12th Man (12’s)
Calf Raise up to top – At Top: Step Up onto back of Bleacher (about 2′)
– Bear Crawl Down the Bleachers –
At the bottom: Derkins

With about 10 minutes left in the BD we lined up at the 20 yard line for:

It went like this: The Q had 2 endings planned for todays festivities – Based on the Ability of ONE PAX to successfully make a High School Level field goal:

IF MISSED: We would finish with 1/2 of Buick’s Starter Slaughter (equaling 50 burpees in 5 minutes)
– OR –
IF MADE: Normal Mary with a light mosey.

After psyching himself up, and adjusting the ball on the tee a couple times, Buick made the attempt…. And it’s GOOD – first time. (the PAX collectively made a sigh of relief).

After the pressure was off, other’s attempted the Field Goal – (3) Burpees for every miss.

LBC – 30 IC
Turkish Getups – 15 OYO (cut short due to an incomplete pass which added 3 burpees)

There were some pretty good catches out there today, probably DIV-1 talent. I’m pretty sure OneHit played QB at some point in his life and Mr. Fixit was definitely a wide receiver (or should have been). Downy made a couple of good snags too.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.

Announcements –
It’s time to sign up for Iron PAX. F3Macon is Planning multiple sites for IRON PAX this year – Including a weekday Wilderness option – Check with SLACK.

Prayer/Praise – Big Chick – prayers for his knee. Mr. Fixit regarding a possible hernia. SEC’s Grandparents.

Enjoyed if Fellas!