Q: Maestro

PAX: Duke, Dill, Free bird , spackler respect, Szcerbiack respect, Big Chick, Pooh, Moped, Roll Tide, French Lick, Maestro, SEC, Beaker (fng), Doogie (fng), Myrtle double respect, Mr Fixit, GPS, RunFlat, Buick, Downy

INTRO:thanks to Spackler, Gepetto, FrenchLick, and Szczerbiak for joining me on a pre ruck. Nice to walk in the dark and conversation. We walked up to a crowd. 20 men that beat the fart sack got going to push themselves harder than the day before. There was talk of flux today in the cot. The manner in which a pax buys into the emotional highs and lows of their life with themselves and those around them can often be a distraction. Stay focused Men. Stay on the path you’ve laid out in front of you, don’t fall off — keep pushing. Lean into the flux knowing it’s a constant of life but dont let it derail you.

Two FNG’s!


Hillbillies ic 30
Imperial Walker ic 15
Daisy pickers ic 15
Merkins ic 10
Alright did y’all think I forgot ? 20 burpees oyo


Farmers Carry the field down and back until I called time. Maybe 10 min?

circled up for some coupon exercises
With the coupons infinity merkins 10 oyo
Squats 10 oyo
Squat thruster 10 oyo wile tailbone touching coupon
Toe touch ic 10
Squat oyo 10
Squat thruster oyo 10
Infinity merkins 10 oyo
Squat thruster 10 oyo

21’s width of practice field
Merkins and butterfly sit-ups
Called for time

Circle up

Low plank COP with 5 burpees at your time.

Mike Tyson’s ic 15
Freddie Mercury ic 30

COT: Buick 6th man, Roll Tide gave praise over the last year and for Stella’s birthday, Doogie asked for prayer for pushing forward in school.
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – let Myrtle know today about Rick climb
Prayer/Praise –