Q: Flowmax

PAX: Roll tide OneHit mr Fixit. Zerb. Moped. Pony express. SEC. Pig Pen(bartow ga) Spackler. Myrtle. Run flat. Maestro. Billy Jean. Sub

‘‘Twas a humid sunny morn as we assembled to celebrate our legs. Sounds kinda odd but I assure u it was on the up and up.

25 rep IC – SSH, Hillbilly, Daisy pickers, BAC

Mosey to drive and do backward run, Bear crawl, kareokee, and sprint to foster road.

Mosey to parking lot near cross country course. Partner up for AMRAP flutters, bear crawl up the hill, 10 burpees. Descending to 1 burpee. Then Poney led us in a riveting round of merkin/bear crawl.

Mosey to track.
Divided up into 4 teams for Warnoch mile relay. Myrtle was impressive and I think Mopeds but was on fire! Anywhoo it was kinda of a cluster but we pulled it off and 1st place -no burpees , 2nd place 10 burpees, 3rd place 15 burpees, 4th place ( hats off to Fixit running two legs) 15 burpees.

Since we ran forward on the relay rather than backwards(Warnoch style) we decide to run two laps backwards

Moseyed back to flags for mary.
30 rep ic LBC, Freddie Mercs. May not have done all 30’reps on Freddie’s. Brain was a little fuzzy.

According to the geepsss. We moved those legs 2.67 miles.


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – thankful that we got legs and we know how to use them- I think that’s a song…..Sub – 17 ur anniversary. Moped – new job as head pilot of Jstars. Training and upcoming deployment. SEC new job transition. Tater on deployment. Thankful for our country and the blessings we have.