Q: Buick

PAX: Fng – big chick!
Run flat
Mr fixit
Roll tide
Billy Jean

INTRO: I’m not a professional- I’m not responsible nor is fpd. We are here to push ourselves but not hurt ourselves.
Five core principles
Mission statement that was tossed to Spackler


Burpees 5 oyo
SSH ic 5
Ring of fire – bear crawl to merkin on my call minimum 25
Lunge 10 single count oyo
Burpee 5 oyo
Circle of death – hold the squat to monkey humper 10
Burpee 5 oyo
Merkin 25 oyo
Mosey around the campus and then down to the coupons
Circle up for fire drills for 30 sec before being issued coupons

Grab a coupon and carry to the flag

Squat thrust 10 oyo
Curls 20 oyo
Squat thrust 10 oyo
Curls 20 oyo
Squat thrust 10 oyo
Curls 20 oyo
Squat thrust 10 oyo
Curls 20 oyo
Squat thrust 10 oyo
Curls 20 oyo

Carry the coupon back

Pump jacks to failure

Mosey to track for 2 laps of Indian run

MARY: first exercise was tossed to Billy Jean
V ups 20 oyo
Freddy mercury ic 10
Lbc 50 oyo
Low plank for one min

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
We had 2 – 6th men – I wanted to get in 2 testimonies for sake of our fng. Myrtle gave a great testimony of community and Spackler did the same giving great credit to just how crucial that 5th core principle is to the vitality of the workout.
We need the fitness part so that we can maintain some sort of physical health, but we as men need that element of vulnerability with other men so that we can boldly and confidently as for help and prayer. Thank you myrtle and Spackler for sharing.

Named our fng – big chick! Welcome !!

Announcements – august 19 is our gathering for macon rocks outing. This is family friendly. Bring your m and 2.0’s
Get some t shirts
Springdale back to school stuff – this is a great opp to show we care.

Prayer/Praise – first and foremost we need to stand in the gap for peaches! I’ve never had to have any heart work done by a heart mechanic so I can’t imagine what this may be feeling like. Let’s petition the Holy Spirit to quiet the angels for a min while we approach Him and ask for His peace that passes all understanding on behalf of peaches!!
Richard Bridgeman – pray for spirit of humility and that satan would recognize that Richard has already won the war because Jesus went ahead and bought and paid for Richard in full !
One hit – coming back from the relaxation back to reality
Run flat – Headin out for some much needed relaxation for 5 days – see you Friday!
GPS and big chick’s friend that committed suicide- family and friends – for a spirit that would open up community and communication among them.
Myrtle – daughter has been asked to bring her artwork to a gallery for possible display. Pray for her accepting of whatever the outcome.