Q: Maestro

PAX: Maestro, Mr. Fixit, Pony Express (repectx2), Tommy boy, Godale, SEC, Tofu, Roll Tide, Buick, Juice, spackler (respect) SEC, Szcerbiack, Free Bird, French Lick, Shooter, funyun, ConAir

INTRO:Patrick Swayze please. YHC had a great time with the trivia thanks for entertaining me. Lots of trivia out there today. For the most part you men were ready, but unfortunately consequences had to be had. There were several answers you should have known. The penance was paid and things were made right; however there may be a part two around the corner so beef up on your movie trivia!

Ok fair warning I don’t rennet all the questions and all the penalties. Yhc will recount best I can

I was encouraged by the mublechatter this morning you men are growing together as a team not just a club. Thankful for you.

Let’s get right to it. The second rule? Szczerbiak got it- take it outside. He saved us from 10 Crackin Burbees we did
10 Burbees
The Bear Hug 10 ic
Imperial Walkers 10 ic
The big arm circles


The next question was: in road house which car did Dalton buy?
Tofu got it confused and said the Mercedes. (That was incorrect)
ConAir got it right he chose the direction of the workout his options were chest legs or core
He chose Chest

Mosey to the football field

Amrap merkins
It was a maroon shirt (penalty 10 burpees)
Amrap workins
(Question ?)There was a penalty 10 burpees
Amrap diamond merkins

Shoulder taps 20 oyo

It was Clamshell head lights
(Penalty Bear crawl 100 yards )

Dips Run to find benches irkins /derkins/ dips
It was the Polar bear that fell on tiger
Penalty derkins again (20 oyo)
Mosey to blocks
Curls for girls 30
Cusak out to fence
Rifle carry back
Overhead press 30
Rifle carry out
Cusack back

Circle up on practice field
20 merkins
20 irkins
10 diamond merkins
Szcerbiack missed it was the Reagan mask
There was a penalty – don’t remember

Mosey to steps bear crawl up with one irkin on every step

Mosey back to the flags


Tommy boy
Missed how did Patrick die. Pancreatic cancer
(No penalty)
Moved into a couple rounds of Devil in the pan and Devil out of the pan
Ic10 each :

COT: shooter was our 6th man. Praying brother thank you for sharing
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – shirts are live
Prayer/Praise –
Moved out to the Coffeteria