Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Maestro, One Hit, Spackler, Peaches, Pooh, Free Bird, Run Flat, GPS, Roll Tide


Dancing Coconuts IC
Burpees IC
Daisy Picker IC
Bear Hug IC

Counted an odd number so we chose that option which was a:

burpee mile (kinda) to the 2nd speed bump
Pooh rejoined the group so we avoid a wheelbarrow race to the mini hill de nacho

Bear crawl down the hill
at the bottom 7 fingertip merkins
reverse bearcrawl up the hill
7 hand release merkins
Rinse and repeat for 3 evolutions

Move to the track for 100m crabwalk Indian run
Mosey to the steps and bear crawl toward the practice field.
Once on the field tunnel of love for 20 yards or so.
Burpee mile to the tractor tire

Collect two coupons
Farmers carry over to the hill by the band stand
Quick share about choices while our shoulders unfroze
Farmers carry to the bottom 7 abyss merkins
Farmers carry back up the hill 7 derkins (if your block is shakey good)
Rinse and repeat 3 times

Carry blocks back toward tractor tire.
Line up on the goal line
25 staggered merkins
10 yd murder bunny
10 yd reverse murder bunny
4 rounds total

Put the blocks up
The boys were quiet so we played a game of duck duck goose.
They loosened up with a good laugh

Mosey back to a spot close to the flag.
Mary – Leg raises x 10 ic
The big O – both ways for 7 ic
Squeaky dolly – 7 ic
Squeaky Rosalita – 7 ic
Recover but sprint back to the flag
10 second rest


Freebird – 6th man thank you

Announcements – see slack

Praise – Peaches with us
Prayer – Anne’s son’s acceptance
GPS – Mom