Q: Szczerbiak

PAX: Piggy Back, Run Flat, Spackler, Mr. Fixit, SEC, Free Bird, Myrtle, Maestro, Pooh, Buick, Buzzard, Clifford, One Hit, Moped, Tater Salad, Roll Tide, Szczerbiak

5 Core Principles
Mission Statement

We know that F3 men are known for procrastination due to the large number of PAX who show up 5:14 for a beatdown, so I decided to take the opportunity to showcase some last-minute gift ideas for the M’s in our lives…


20 Burpee Slaughter Starter – It’s the gift that a HIM should give himself regularly.
SSH ICx14… because Valentine’s day is February 14th.
Diamond Merkins IC x10 …220,000 wedding proposals each year on Valentine’s Day
Pickle Pounders OYO x10 …one can hope, can’t he?
Stump Huggers IC x10 …reminder to hug someone today
Monkey Humpers OYO x10 …it didn’t seem right to have a Valentine’s Day without them


Partner Up

GIFT #1 – The Couples massage:
Power Merkins x10 – Partner planking on the bottom does Merkin with PAX feet on his back
Partner Derkins x10 – PAX feet on planking partners back then Merkin
Held plank between

We had one team of 3 – doing a 3 way power merkin, yes, it is possible.

Felt just like a massage, didn’t it?

Recovery Mosey around the lot and back to the endzone of the practice field at the coupons..

GIFT #2 – Box of Chocolates and Valentine’s Day Cards
YHC brought a box of chocolates – the most popular Valentine’s gift – with Valentine’s Day cards for the PAX…but these were no ordinary cards. One PAX at a time pulls a Valentine’s card out of the box of chocolates and all PAX perform said exercise.

10 Man Makers
15 Burpees
20 Curls
25 Mountain Climbers
1 Bear Crawl Length of field (to endzone) / Mosey Back
10-yard Murder Bunny then 10-yard Redrum Ynnub

GIFT #3 – The Lovers Weekend Getaway:
Partner 1 runs length of the field does 2 burpees in the opposite endzone and returns while Partner 2 is working on the reps below at the goal line near the coupon stack:

L — Lunges with Coupon – 100
O — Overhead block press – 125
V — V-Ups – 150
E — E2K (Elbow 2 Knee) – 175
R — Reverse Lunge – 200
S — Smurf Jacks — 225

Put Coupons Away – Mosey to Marry.

Rosalitas – 14IC
Pickle Pointer – 14IC
Plank – 20 Seconds

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – May 13th is our 5 year convergence!
Prayer/Praise – Tattnal’s dance tonight, Buicks friend.
Buzzard was our 6th Man – Thanks for sharing!