Q: Roll Tide

PAX: One Hit, Free Bird, Mrytle (RR), Spackler (R), Peaches (R), Downy, Maestro, Run Flat, Tater Salad, Buick, Szerbiack (R), SEC, Roll Tide

Intro – Goo (society) says it is dangerous to be outside this morning. It may be. But Victory rarely comes when danger is avoided.

Warm up – (As if)
Dancing coconuts
Daisy pickers
Partner up
Wheel barrow race to the main gate at the football field.
Downy and Free Bird won after YHC spoke like the hare in the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

Think about Joseph and Mary’s stress level on Christmas eve. Traveling with a pregnant woman on a donkey trusting God and not self.

12 Days of Christmas
1 – Dizzy Bear
2 – Hand Release Hand release merkins
3 – 4 ct Carolina Dry Docks
4 – Pulsing Squats
5 – Dancing Ducks
6 – Oblique Blasters
7 – Partner Derkins
8 – Cheetah Leaps
9 – Clapping merkins
10 – Crab toe touches
11 – box cutters
12 – Chuck Norris Merkins

We then bear crawled down to the track

Think about Washington and his men trying desperately to get a victory against the British with a surprise attack on Christmas crossing the Delaware river under fed under prepared some possibly without shoes.

run backwards on the straight aways and jog the corners for 1 lap
2 in 2 out for 100m
lunge walking indian run
mosey to the flag but with a twist of tracing the parking spots
Mary –
Flutter kicks x 24 ic
LBC x 25 ic

6th Man – Maestro – Thank you
Men, think about where you were a year ago. How you have grown. You are the 2%. The exception not the rule.
Praise –
Maestro – teenagers and road trips
Roll Tide – steak dinner to celebrate the year at work
Prayer –
Szerb – Brother in law’s health and Father’s health
We prayed for patience and presence.