Q: Maestro

PAX: Maestro, One Hit. Tater salad, Doogie, Bewyak, Run Flat, Szcerbiack (r), Downy, Free Bird. Spackler (r), Roll Tide, Sec

INTRO:not as called as I thought 😁 as a matter of fact you may have seen me stripping down right before we got started. But as planned most of the workout was a 0.0

It was a beautiful disclaimer
Tater sited the 5 core principles
Bewyak sited the mission statement
Downy helped Doogie with the credo

WARM-O-RAMA: got started going pretty fast
As Doogie couldn’t really site the credo
10 burpees
Daisy picker ic 10
Imperial walkers ic 35
SSH ic 15
Hill billies ic 13
Merkins ic 10
Mosey to the blocks

THE THANG: graves two blocks and circled up for:

Block row oyo 20 hard way
50 kettle bell swings

Then the following 20 each either by ic or oyo

Mike Tyson’s
American Hammer
Heels to a Heaven

Mike Tyson’s
Dying cockroach
Ww2 sit uo
Heel touch

Mike Tyson’s
Flutter kicks
Freddie Mercury
6 inches

Mike Tyson’s
Butterfly sit-up
Sit throughs

Mike Tyson’s 22 here because one hit insulted the Q
Bear Hold
Devil in the pan
Devil out of the pan

Mike Tyson’s
Crunch frogs
Gas pumps
Sky pokers

Then GPS said “ I want to do more Mike Tysons!” So 20 more

MARY: yep!
Dying cockroach 12 ic — you know cockroaches come in all sizes as well as the form 👀 — may need to work on that one fellas !

COT: yep Szczerbiak was our 6th man
GPS shared

You men are Freed to Lead!

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Polar plunge? 😬
Hoodie Beatdown! This coming week
Prayer/Praise –
Lots to be thankful for