Q: OneHit

PAX: Mr Fixit, Big Chick, Szczerbiak, Peaches, Spackler, Maestro, SEC, Roll Tide, Downey, Tater Salad, Myrtle, GPS, Cornfed, Bewyak, OneHit

INTRO: I’m not a professional, push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. I’m not responsible for injuries and neither is f3 or FPD.
States core principles, mission statement, credo.

WARM-O-RAMA: bear hugs, imperial walkers, windmills, daisy pickers (ic) x 12
SSH x 25

Mosey to track, circle up for 12 hill Billy’s.
4 laps of Indian run.

YHC pointed out how he used to struggle with just one lap of Indian runs. No matter where you’re at keep working hard. It’s you against you out here men, get better each time out.

First evolution:
Return of the wompy bear.
Bear crawl 10 yards , do 2 burpees then repeat for length of football field.
Partner carry from one end of football field to the 50 yard , then swap partners carry rest of field.

Second evolution:

4 corner BM’s (big boy sit-up, Bonny blares, merkins, mountain climbers)

Corner one: big boy sit-up
Corner two: Bonnie Blares the hard way
Corner three: merkins
Corner four: mountain climbers the hard way
We did four rounds of that with different modes of transportation for each round from corner to corner.
Round 1: hop backwards(short side) , run backwards (long side), hop forward(short) , run forward (long)
Round 2: run backwards, run forward, run backwards, run forwards
Round 3: karaoke, run forward, karaoke, run forwards
Round 4: side shuffle, run forward, shuffle, run forward.

Had just enough time for 50 more yards of wompy bears and a 50 yard jail break (sprint)

Mosey back to Mary

MARY: flutter kicks, lbc & dying cockroach (ic) x 25

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – for Myrtle traveling, sec & Bewyak in leading m & 2.0 decisions, peaches prayer and praise, Spackler 2.0 20th birthday praise, mikado baptist upcoming events.

Good work men!