Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Alter Boy, One Hit, Buick, Free Bird, Myrtle (RR), Big Chick, Peaches (R), SEC, Dill, Roll Tide

Intro – Core principle #2 is open to all men. How often do we notice if we are truly inviting to all men. Notice how when we read a book or have a conversation that we are often times not fully engaged until we hear something that confirms our beliefs or rejects our beliefs. What would happen if we opened ourselves up to being open to all men?

Trunk Rotations x 7 ic both sides
Daisy Pickers x 7 ic
Bear hugs x 7 ic

AMRAP Burpees until Q calls time. This is a big opportunity the rest of the day you will either live in regret that you didn’t do all you could with the opportunity given or the satisfaction of knowing you did your best.

7:30 minutes later we moseyed to the track.

Catch me if you can
Partner 1 – 24 Merkins
Partner 2 – Bernie until P1 catches you then flap jack x4

Mosey over to le de minnie hill de Nacho
Bear crawl backwards up the hill
perform 7 bonnie blairs the hard way
Bear crawl down the hill
perform 7 clap merkins
Rinse and repeat 3 times

Good news is your doing great bad news is we are only half way finished.

Mosey back to the track

Duck walk indian run
once everyone had a chance to run we switched to lunge walking indian run once we did that we did an inverted plank for a season then did backwards lunge indian run back where we came from.

We then moseyed down to the practice field bear crawling down the stairs to the field (John Denver I think)
Cheetah sprint 25 yards
bunny hop a few yards
ski hop for the six
cheetah sprint again 25 yards
Collect 2 coupons for your efforts

AMRAP Abyss merkins – One Hit won by a rather large margin
AMRAP Curb merkins – one side then take a 10 count and do the other side
AMRAP 1 leg derkins then do the other leg
Put the blocks up

Burped broad jump 50 yards
Mosey to mary

Toe Touches
Squeaky Rosalita
Squeaky Dolly
leg raises

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Check slack, because there is a ton going on.
6th man – Peaches Respect
Prayer/Praise –
Cecil’s grieving process
Kids at awake
Myrtle’s son leading worship