Q: Capsize

PAX: Mr. Fixit, Tripod, TI, FNG “ Dobro”

INTRO:Started out in 39 degree weather trying to get blood to our limbs with the following IC 4- count SSH’s 30, Imperial Walkers 20, Big Arm Circles 10, Big Arm Circles reverse 10, Bear hugs 10, high knees 15, SSH’s 15
Mosey around parking lot and to benches

WARM-O-RAMA: 20 4-count dips IC followed by 15 4 count squats IC, repeat

THE THANG: moseyed to the side of school to find wall to do the People’s Chair. We all held wall squat while we passed the chair amongst us holding 10 count for 2 rounds and then 20 count 2 rounds, picked up coupons and did 20 OYO curls followed by 20 overhead presswith coupon, repeat, followed by 20 upright rows and 20 squats OYO. Next was U-boats in parking lot, up one side dropping for merkin and Bernie out of space, 13 spaces, high knees down other side and then 15 curls and 15 squats with coupon. I had a circle of pain with incline merkins somewhere in there for 2 rounds. Moseyed to Mary

Fixit lead us in 21 4-count IC Hello Dollys, then 20 4 count crunchy frog followed by 25 4 count LBC’s and holding plank for a minute

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – opportunity to serve with Christmas Lights
Prayer/Praise – prayed for Fixit injury, Billy and our purpose and focus