Q: Duke

PAX: Dunkin, Dill, Dirty Dawg, Moo Moo(R), Gator(R), Micro, Viking, SoCrates, McFly, Sag, Ralph, Buford, Duke

Introduction: Welcome and Disclaimer (MPHS isn’t responsible for our actions.)
Free of charge, rain or shine, open to all men, peer led, ends with circle of trust

Mission Statement: Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Credo: Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.

Daisy Pickers (13 IC)
Side Straddle Hops (13 IC)
Burpees (13 OYO)
Big Boy Sit-Ups (13 OYO)
Merkins (13 OYO)

Moseyed down Ralph’s Ridge for a run to the Fine Arts Center. At each speed bump, stop and do the acronym MARY PERSONS:

1st Speed Bump: Merkins (13)
2nd Speed Bump: Air Squats (13)
3rd Speed Bump: Repeat previous 2 exercises (13 each)
4th Speed Bump: Yet again (13 each)
5th Speed Bump: Plank (1 minute)
6th Speed Bump: Easy Jog in Place (1 minute)
7th Speed Bump: Repeat previous 2 exercises (1 minute each)
8th Speed Bump: Side Straddle Hops (13)
9th Speed Bump: Overhead Claps (13)
10th Speed Bump: Not Burpees! (13)
11th Speed Bump: Situps (13)

Repeated on the way back, but subbed the repeats on the last two to favorite and least favorite exercise.

Shuttle Run (x2): 5 merkins at first stop, 10 at second.


Alarm Clocks (9 IC)
Gas Pumps (9 OYO)
Moroccan Nightclubs (9 IC)
Crunches (22 OYO 9-13)

Count-a-Rama, Name-A-Rama

Announcements: October 1 Pop Up and Preruck, 13th at BRR Micro and Dirty Dawg

Prayer Requests: SoCrates’ dad doin better, Ralph’s grandpa chemo today, safe travels for funeral

Pledge it Out.

Pray it Out.