Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: Micro, Dill, Socrates, Viking, Dirty Dawg, McFly, Cabbage, Tonka, Bread Box, Leonitas, Bezo, Rubber, Palladian, Buford, Ralph, Moo Moo, Gator, Mr. Fixit

INTRO: Great to get up to The Foxhole this morning and meet some new guys. Thank y’all for letting me lead. It was terribly awesome.

Not quite the Slaughter Starter but 10 OYO
Daisy Picker – 15 IC
SSH – 25 IC
Merkin – 50 in up, down cadence
Kept arms up through next 4
Baby arm circles – 10 IC each way
Randy’s – 20 IC
Chinook – 20 IC
Grady Corn – 15 IC
Mountain Climber – 20 IC

Moseyed to get some coupons for the fun stuff
Mini Hair Burners – 10 IC each arm
Lunge walk w coupons – roughly 25 yards and back
Team U Boat competition
– losing team had 10 burpees while winners got to stop at 5
Bear crawl roughly 25 yards back to coupons for
Curls – 25 IC
Overhead Press – 20 IC
Irkins – 15 IC
Finished with Obama(4 bear crawls followed by 4 Merkins)

Imperial Walker – 25 IC
Snowflake Plank – 1 min

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – I believe Sept 10th was the date thrown out for next Pop up Saturday Foxhole beat down which prompted me to invite the crew to join others every Saturday in September for the Iron Pax challenge
Prayer/Praise – McFly shared on the fruits of the spirit with an emphasis on love. God loves us exactly where we are so we should do the same and that love flows outward to family, friends, co-workers, and even those who don’t see eye to eye
Socrates added – don’t chase the fruit but chase the actual giver of the fruit