Q: Dill

PAX: Gator (Respect), McFly, Moo Moo (Respect), Tonka, Maestro, Ralph, Buford, Dirty Dawg, Socrates, Palladean, Dill, Monte

INTRO: Welcome, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles

WARM-O-RAMA: Bear hug IC 10
Big Arm Circles (forward) IC 10
Big Arm Circles (backward) IC 10

Mosey to Baseball Field

Bear Crawl 1-2-3 (Dora’s pet)
100- Berkins (Coupon) 200- overhead press (coupon) 300-Curls (Coupon)
One partner Bear crawled, second partner does coupon exercises
Bear crawl was between 2nd and 3rd base (60yds)

1-round of 5 of Diamonds:
Broke off into groups of 3 at each base on the baseball field.
Home plate: 5 burpees
1B- seal claps AMRAP
2B- overhead claps AMRAP
3B- Big Arm circles AMRAP

Home plate group does 5 burpees, jogs to 1B to relieve PAX, 1B jogs to 2B, 2B to 3B, 3B to Home. Rinse & Repeat to all PAX rounded each base.

50 LBC’s OYO
15 Gas Pumps IC
15 Big Boy sit-ups OYO
1min low plank hold

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Q-Source (Jester), Foxhole family gathering Aug 6th (Dill’s house), Bible reading at Courthouse 7:14am, Foxhole T-shirt pre-order, Saturday Pop-up workout Saturday Aug. 6th at Foxhole
Prayer/Praise – Sag surgery/recovery