Q: Buford

PAX: Maestro, Moo Moo, Palladian, Leonidas, Monti, Tonka, Socrates, Buick, Ralph, Dill, Dirty Dog, Buford

INTRO:Buford intro w/disclaimer.

WARM-O-RAMA:21 SSH, 10 daisy pickers, 10 bear hugs. Held butterfly stretch for 10 count. 10 count calf stretch each leg.

Mosey to track, 5 core principles, COP w/10 count monkey humper buy in for workout. Count o rama.

THE THANG: “Smokey”
4 exercises at 25 reps each: hand release mercans, air squats, lbc’s, and knee huggers. Run one lap around track. Each evolution is one round. Keep count of rounds completed.

MARY:All out sprint up Ralph’s ridge to Mary.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Maestro- take care of the queen (nutrition) so the king (Pax) can get stronger and better. Dill-plan on Foxhole family fellowship at his house on August 6th.
Prayer/Praise – Monti-praise in-laws are doing better and continued prayer for recovery. Praise wife and son were not hurt in car accident on Saturday. Dill- pray for upcoming school year and last two weeks of summer break for rest and prep.