Q: Maestro

PAX: MooMoo (r), McFly, Sag, Dirty Dawg, Viking, Ralph, SoCrates, Leonidas, Monte,

Merkins slowly made their first appearance during the warm o rama.
And seemed to just linger around through the whole workout. Just when everyone thought they was over YHC threw in a crucible and ranger Merkin to top things off


Daisy pickers ic 12
Hill-billies Ic 12
Imperial Walker ic 12
Merkin Ic 10


Mosey to patch of grass
10 merkins

Then a round of shoulder blasters!
Big arm circles
Little arm circles
Air drama ,
Seal Claps,
Overhead Claps,
Little arm circles

Merkin fest:

25 merkins in 30 seconds
25 merkins in 40 seconds
25 merkins in 50 seconds
25 merkins. In one minute
25 merkins in one minute

Each round was broken up by a big arm circle, chinook, or the like.

Dip showdown AMRAP

Each pax one at a time performed AMRAP dips while the rest of the pax performed Mary exercises while on a declined hill

I heard someone did 70 dips

The Mary exercises were:
Flutter kick
Heal touch
6” plank
Dying cockroach
Hello Dolly
Flutter kick
Gas pumps
Decline Merkin

Circled up for one last round of merkins
Crucible Merkin ic5
Ranger Merkin 10 oyo

Flutter kick ic 20
Butterfly sit up 12 oyo
6” leg plank 20 ic
LBCs 20 ic
Flutter kicks 20

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Ralph was our 6th Man. Thanks for sharing.

All followed by a great coffeteria provided by Sag! Thank you! It was great fellowship!