Q: Viking

PAX: Moo Moo, Gator, Palladean, Dill, Debris, Maestro, Micro

Disclaimer, 5 core principles

Slaughter starter OYO
Bear hug 12IC
Daisy picker 12 IC

Mosey behind bleachers, circle up for the Bat Wing.

Little arm circles 20 IC and reverse 20IC
Seal claps 20 IC
Overhead claps 20 IC
Chinooks 20 IC
Big arm circles 20 IC and reverse

Mosey to bleachers for EMOM’s – 4 rounds
of Stirkins

Rd 1 – 30 in a minute (over ambitious)
Rd 2 – 15 in a minute
Rd 3 – 15 in a minute, 10 sec
Rd 4 – 15 in a minute, 15 sec

Micro kept the time – thanks!

Mosey to grab coupons and head to parking lot for All about the Benjamins

25 curls, 25 lunge out, 25 squats, 25 lunge back x 4 rounds (PAX called me out on more than 100 lunges)

25 rows, 25 imperial walkers out, 25 mountain climbers, 25 imperial walkers back x 1 round

Put coupons back and mosey to Mary

Proud Mary

COT: Dill was 6th man
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – fireworks Saturday (Maestro and fam will be at courthouse corner across from Scoops), Red Dawn Monday (7/4) 6AM at FPD, 1 year anniversary of Foxhole Tuesday (7/5), coffeteria and donuts to follow
Prayer/Praise – Educators, Dill and MP search for a math teacher