PAX: Moo Moo(Respect), Dirty Dawg, Gator(Respect), So Crates, Debris, Viking, Cabbage, Buford, Homer, Monte, Hermit(FNG), Roll Tide, Leonities, Ralph, RV, McFly, Sag

I was excited to see the cars roll in this morning. We haven’t had a group this large since we started back in July. I’m excited to see what’s to come in the warmer months.

Daisy Pickers-15IC

Mosey to 2nd parking lot for a little more space. We did SSH’s in cadence to 5 out loud and then to 20 silently with the goal to stop all together. Viking wanted to know what happened if we didn’t stop all together. I wasn’t sure because I had confidence we could do it. As I got to about 12 I saw it slowly unravel. 10 Burpees for everyone.

Mosey to pull-up bars. We have a goal in March to increase the number of pull-ups we can do without stopping, but we have to have a bench mark to start from. As 3 Pax did pull-ups all other Pax did an ab exercise AMRAP. Flutter kicks, freddie mercury’s, leg raises, heal touches, 6″ leg lifts.

Mosey to field for a quick round of COP with 15 Monkey Humpers.

Mosey back to track for 2 Corner Ladders. Split into 2 groups. 1 group would run to corner and do 20 merkins, the other group would run to a different corner and do 20 jump squats. Return to the middle and do 3 burpees. Then go to the next corner and do 19 of the opposite exercise. Rinse and Repeat decreasing by 2 each time.

Mosey to bottom of hill. All out sprint to Mary, but making sure to circle back and pickup the 6.

Heals to Heaven 15 OYO
Flutter Kicks led by Mcfly 15IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements -Roll Tide mentioned long range planning for a Grow Ruck in September. We will start conditioning now. Travis Manion WOD April 30th at the institution.
Prayer/Praise – Pray for events with Russian and Ukraine. Praise for a liver transplant for SoCrates’ sister-in-law Erika and continued prayers for the healing process.