Q: Paladean VQ

Maestro, Monte, Tater Salad, One Hit, McFly, Sag, SoCrates, Moo Moo, Gator, Paladean, Oscar(FNG)

INTRO:welcome and Disclaimer

BigArm Circles IC 15
Windmills IC 15
Bear hugs IC15
Daisy Pickers IC 15

Mosey to the cement benches in front of The School

11’s OYO
Dips on the benches
Sprint to Big Sidewalk
Big Boy Sit-ups
Sprint back to the benches
One-hit and Sag kindly picked up the sixes while the rest of the PAX chose Step-ups on the benches

Mosey across the bridge to the big parking lot
Five Core Principles

Pyramid with 6 exercises sets of 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 OYO
2 count flutter kick
Plank Jacks
each set plank jack until sixes finish
Sprint to other side of lot and back after each set

We were great and staying together so well I kinda lost track of the time until SAG kindly pointed out it was up! We had to cut it short on the downhill side and most up to Mary
Pax Choice Flutter kicks until sixes

Freddie 13 IC
Heel Touch 21 IC
Finished up with Merkin Burnout with Superman after last one
One Hit displayed with a whopping 77 Merkins!

Awesome Work everyone! Thanks for coming making my VQ one to remember
Special thanks to OneHit and Tater for showing up.
And Welcome FNG Oscar(Chip)

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – sleep out coming soon at the warming center in Macon. Check Band or see Maestro for info
One Hit shared about his speaking at a church event in Macon where there were several F3 bros there in support. Reminding us that it’s not just about Fitness, but Faith and Fellowship too.

Prayer/Praise – Tater Salad: challenges with raising young teenage daughter, wisdom in navigating those often troubled waters.
Sag: healing of sickness in his family

6th Man : Monte shared about his knee injury and praise for family and work going well