Q: Sag

PAX: Maestro, Moo Moo(Respect), Gator(Respect), Paladean(Respect), Rafiki, Debris, Dirty Dawg, So Crates, Viking, Homer, Sag

INTRO: It was a cool, crisp morning. As we stood around discussing cheap and expensive options of leggings we wondered if it was going to be a small crowd. The 4 of us quickly grew to 11 as several Pax drove in on 2 wheels. There were some late burpees passed around.

Big Arm Circles 15IC
Windmill 10IC
Hillbillies 10IC
Bear Hugs 10IC

Mosey to Parking lot for an Indian run using a 30lbs ruck plate.
Broke up in to 3 teams for several rounds of exercises. The paxs would hold a position while 1 pax ran to the middle of the circle and did an exercise. Rinse and repeat until all are done.
1. Hold high plank, 15 merkins in the middle
2. Hold Al Gore, 15 air squats-1 team did it with the 30lbs ruck plate. I won’t say which team.
3. Hold low plank, 15 2-ct mnt climbers.
4. Hold howling monkey position, 15 monkey humpers.
5. Added an extra round, Hold 6″ leg lift, 10 Burpees.

We built up a pretty good sweat so we needed to W.A.S.H. In pairs 1 pax would run while the other did 50 Werkins, 75 2ct American Hammers, 100 SSH, 125 Hip Thrusters with extra thrust.

We had to get back to Mary. Bear Crawl to the first speed bump, Bearnie to the next, Karaoke to the top.

Flutter Kicks 15IC
Box Cutters 12IC
Freddie Mercuries 15IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – We are still seeking a Comm Z Q. If you feel you have to desire or ability reach out to Maestro.
Prayer/Praise –
Praise for So Crates’ dad in healing from his surgery and continue to pray for healing.