Q: Dirty Dawg

PAX: Breadbox
Dirty Dawg
Rosetta (FNG)
Slow Poke

INTRO: Morning men, welcome to Foxhole’s December Pop-up Beatdown. Let’s get started quickly so Snooze has burpees. Gonna be a good one… note: F3 not liable, MP not liable, Dirty Dawg not liable. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. 5 Core Principles

WARM-O-RAMA: We will need stretching… All in cadence. IT Band OL; Ham string/ Quad Stretch OL; Lower Back OL; Groin Stretch; L; Back stretch OL; Calf stretch OL Let’s Mosey

THE THANG: 2 Groups: 1st Group: Double Black Diamond Hills (5x) alt w 2nd group that will start us off w LBCs. For some reason these scenic, nice hills caused a lot of mumble chatter such as hope I don’t break my ankle; found another baseball; watch out for ant hills; next time we should run this with coupons; perfect for snow sledding. Seems everyone had jokes this AM
*Had a music going that was a little too soft rock for some folks*

Junkyard 400s w 10 merkins each 50M repeat (cerebral exercise that some had difficulty visualizing). “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.”
Reverse Coupon Curls (OYO 25)
Burpees (OYO 25)
Ultimate Frisbee 20 minutes (5-2 game won)
Somewhere Nick’s taste of music was mentioned as too romantic & there will be ads bc Dirty Dawg’s too cheap to pay for a subscription

MARY: Just a little bit of core- Gas pumps (IC 20); WWI (OYO 25); Tramp stamp mentioned making it hard to finish due to the laughter… Left/Right LBC’s for our obliques (20).
Count-O-Rama (done), Name-O-Rama (done).
Announcements – Coffeeteria @ Gator’s home today
1/2/22 New Forsyth AO @ Rec Fields & Dept- The Pound
The Colony- Friday’s in Bolingbroke
Christmas Eve Ruck
Cabbage was sixth man- Lila getting baptized soon, for Parker and for sleep
Prayer/Praise – Rafiki’s expecting a child this coming up Thursday