PAX: Dirty Dawg, Viking, Moo Moo(R), Gator(R), Waiters, Mule, Sag, Gilligan, SoCrates, Ham(FNG)

Welcome and Disclaimer

Bear Hugs-12IC
Daisy Pickers- 12IC
Imperial Walkers- 12IC

We are all aware of the Foxhole yell. When someone yells Foxhole we have to run a certain distance and back. Today we introduced the Bulldog yell. This is for those non-runner that like to stay in place. If this is yelled we have to do 5-4×4’s.

Mosey to the middle parking lot where I had some cones set up. We gathered for a round of Doracides. This is same as the Dora 1,2,3 except we do suicides.

Team up. 100 Jump Squats, 200 Merkins, 300 2ct American Hammers, 400 Sky Pokers.
While one person does the exercise the other person will run to the first cone-1 Burpee and run back, 2nd Cone 2 burpees and run back, 3rd cone-3 Burpees and run back. Swap it up to complete the exercises.

Mosey to the bottom of Ralph’s Ridge. Pax Choice on exercises. Dirty Dawg decided to bear crawl to the first speed bump 10LBCs, sprint to the next one 10 hand release merkins, sprint to the end 10 squats.

Heals to Heaven 12OYO
Heal touch- 20IC
Plank to 6.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Saturday Popup this Saturday the 17th, Tonka to lead a ruck at 6 and the beatdown will be led by Dirty Dawg. Christmas Eve Ruck the 24th. New AO in Forsyth the Pound January 2nd.
Prayer/Praise -Praise for Chubbs dad, he is home and healing. Continued prayers for SoCrates dad as he works through cancer treatment. Prayers for Mule’s family with the loss of a cousin.