Q: Maestro also your YHC

PAX: Moo Moo, Dirty Dawg, Monte, Zamboni, SoCrates, Gator (respect), Homer, Cabbage , Palladian (respect), McFly, Sag, Rafiki.

4:30 snooze, 4:35 snooze. Get up BIlly (that’s what I call myself) your committed to q and zamboni is waiting next door. I rise and per my routine am quickly out the door. Pull into zamboni’s drive he’s there waiting. We start heading down 41. The gloom awaits. We pull in and I see familiar faces, more
Familiar faces show up. I’m completely relaxed, my problems of the week are on the back burner, I can think of the burdens of today later,. The time is now and I know there is nothing but genuine support all around me. There is nothing like being vulnerable, letting down your guard and completely being yourself in F3. Love you fellas


All ic 12
Big arm circle
Bear hug
Cotton pickers
Imperial walkers
Q’s Merkin
Plank jacks
Mountain climbers


Did 20 yards each of the following
Q called out a winner beforehand and if he did not win it was 10 merkin penalty
Crab walk
Bear crawl
Gorilla crawl
Bernie sanders back 100 yards

Race between pax
Q called two pax. Those pax raced 20 yards performing the exercise while the rest of the pax choose who they thought would win. If their man won it was 10 merkins. If their man lost it was 7 burbees the races were

Bear crawl
Crab walk

Lunge walk locking arms
100 yards
All locked arms and followed the Q’s Cadence
It took us 40 ic (4count) to get the full 100 yards I think the shorter guys were just hanging on

Circled up for:

COP howling monkeys 10
Squats ic 12

Bernie sanders back to flag


Freddie Mercury ic 20
Flutter kick ic 20
6” ic 7

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – look for thanksgiving announcements
Prayer/Praise – our families going through difficult time, guys goin on men’s hike this weekend, the Minette family.

Gator was our 6th man