Q: Micro

PAX: Debris, RV, Snooze, Gator, Dill, Rubber, Greyhound, Dewalt, Tonka, FNG (Honey’s), Palatium, Duke, McFly, Moo Moo, Micro, Sagg, Socrates, Monte, Ralph, Dirty Dog, Viking

INTRO: Core Principles, Try to keep good form, push yourself don’t hurt yourself

WARM-O-RAMA: Bear Hugs, Daisy Pickers, Quad Stretch , Mountain Climbers, “Raised on Red” Song instructions Hold High Plank 3:00min w/Merkins when you hear “red”

THE THANG: Deck of Death w/coupons: Hearts = CPRs, Spades = Squat Thrusters, Clubs = Coupon Crunch, Diamonds = Unsupported bent over row, Joker = Circle of Pain High Plank Hold w/Alt. Tap Merkins around the circle
Indian Run
Bernie Back up Ralph’s Ridge

MARY: Gas Pumps, ABC’s

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 11/24 Breakfast after Beatdown
Prayer/Praise – Duke / Dill Marathon in 30 days, Sammy (leukemia), Holidays Incoming