Q: MooMoo

PAX: Sag, Gator, Viking, Cabbage, Dirty Dawg, Cabbage, Maestro, Homer, Rafiki

INTRO:Disclaimer and brief intro

WARM-O-RAMA:big arm circles, bear hugs, side straddle hops

THE THANG:1 mile circuit on track broken into 2 lap sections. Run straight away, first half curve lunge walks, 20 squats, second half curve imperial walkers, run straight away, first half curve bear crawls, 20 merkins, second half of curve karaoke back to start line. Do this same one more lap

Next 2 laps. Run straight away, first half curve duck walks, 20 plank jacks, second half curve frog jumps. Run straight away, first half curve crab walk, 20 mountain climbers, second half curve bernies.

Went over 5 core principles , count-o-Rama and mosey back to Mary

MARY:flutter kicks, 20 big boy sit-ups, 6” challenge (hold until first man drops)
Did name-o-rama

Announcements – Sag request that we work on finding some needy children to support for the holidays
Prayer/Praise – moomoo let pledge and prayer