Q: Maestro

PAX: Gator (respect), Moo Moo, Monte, cabbage, McFly, Viking, Dirty Dog, Palladian (respect)

INTRO: Beautiful crisp morning. Missed a few regulars but still had a great time. I’m encouraged by all of you pax. You met the burpee and merkin dap with not so much enthusiasm but with steadfastness! I’m aware that I always start off with big arm circles so your chuckles did not go unnoticed. McFly said I looked a little serious … I do have that look …. My mama says maybe I’m just trying to to hide my tender heart. Looks like we got us a VQ next Tuesday. Y’all come out and support Moo Moo as he gets uncomfortable!

Big arm circles ic 13
Hill Billies ic 12
Bear Hug ic 12
Merkin ic 12
U boat shuffle

Mosey down to the football field for a little dab
10 burbees in 1:00
10 burbees in 1:10
10 burbees in 1:20
10 burbees in 1:30
10 burbees in 1:40
Took a 1/4 mile lap
20 HRM’s in 1:00
20 HRM’s in 1:10
20 HRM’s in 1:20
20 Merkins in 1:30
20 Merkins in 1:40

Imperial Walker ic 20
SSH ic 10

“Ok Monte how we going up the hill?” Bear crawl he says “you serious Clark? :)”
So bear crawl to first speed bump then mosey to top.


Mary 6” leg lift 30
Flutter kick ic 15

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – look at Band fellas!
Prayer/Praise – Cabbage-let us know there was a Teller in Warner Robins Shot during robbery, prayer for traveling, reach out to those men who made need it.