Q: Sag

PAX: Maestro, So Crates, Cabbage, Dirty Dawg, Debris, Gator(Respect), Moo Moo, Paladean(Respect), Sag

INTRO: It was a cold crisp morning and 9 pax made the decision to get out of bed. Dirty Dawg was abandoned by Viking, but Cabbage swept in to get him to the beatdown.

Bear Hug 12IC
Mountain Pooper 10IC
Daisy Pickers 12IC


Mosey to a good section of side walk for some ascending curb crawls. Bear crawl from one curb to the other and do 1 derkin, then bear crawl back to the other curb and do 2 derkins. Repeat until 10 derkins have been completed.
A round of of 5 core principles and a spotty mission statement. YHC promised a pop quiz later.

Mosey to the base ball field for a round of F3 baseball.
As we crowded around home plate there was a memorial setup for a young man that was killed eariler this week in a car wreck. This seemed like the perfect time to remind the guys that we don’t know our time and to tell our families we love them, but more importantly to take the steps to ensure our salvation.
Divided into 4 teams. 1st-20 plank jacks per team member, 2nd-20 Air Dramas, 3rd-20 mnt climbers, home-20 squat thrusts. Duck walk from odd to even base, lunge walk from even to odd base. This was changed to Bernies and high knees on later round. You get a point each time you pass your starting base. Participation trophies for all.
Line up on the first base line for a quick sprint to the outfield and back.

Hills to heaven 10OYO
Flutter kicks 15IC
Gas pumps 10IC
Freddie Mercury’s 10IC
20 sec plank

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Ultimate Frisbee on Thanksgiving at the Institution
Prayer/Praise – Mental illness and looking out for those around us.