Q: Sag

PAX: SoCrates, Dirty Dawg, Ralph, Buford, Cabbage, Slow Poke, Waders, Debris, Tonka, Mcfly, Gator, Prime, Sag

Welcome, disclaimer, core principles, mission statement.

Bear Hugs-15IC
Imperial Walkers-12IC


Mosey to grab a coupon and head to parking lot.
Race to 200.
Merkins was the exercise, 50 Merkins, do 25 2ct flutter kicks, 50 irkins, 25 2ct flutter kicks, 50 Derkins, 25 2ct flutter kicks, 50 Merkins run to end of parking lot and back. I believe Cabbage came in first.

Then we proceeded to climb the 4 corner escalator. Corner 1-10 Man Makers, Corner 2-20 Nolan Ryans, Corner 3-30 reverse curls, corner 4- 40 LBCs. Go up the escalator and back down.

Merkin Jacks-1:4 Ratio. 1 merkin to 4 plank jacks, 2 merkins to 8 plank jacks, 3 merkins to 12 plank jacks and back down to 1.
Hills to Heaven- 15 OYO
Peter Parkers- 20 OYO
Plank to the 6

6th man was Waders, pray for him as he leads a bible study at work.
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Saturday ruck and beatdown at the Foxhole. Men’s breakfast at New Providence. Huff and Puff run at Dauset January 21st.
Prayer/Praise – Continue to Pray for SoCrates’ dad as he deals with cancer treatments. Pray for SoCrates and the Pregnancy center as the are teaching the middle schoolers on sex education and using it as on opportunity to witness.