Q: Sag

PAX: Maestro, McFly, So Crates, Moo Moo, Gator, Debris, Sag

It was a cold morning indeed. As I opened my frozen truck door to leave I wondered how many would show up. 7 Hims decided to defeat the fart sack and do the hard thing this morning.

Moraccan Night Clubs
Seal Claps
Over Head Claps
Cotton Pickers

Mosey to the pull up bars for some match me if you can. McFly was chosen as the pull up king. Pax did SSHs as McFly did pull ups. McFly did not disappoint. We matched the 18 pull-ups with 18 burpees. McFly did SSHs.
Mosey to starting line.
Quarter Pounder
Sprint to 25 meter line-25 Merkins Backwards run to start.
Sprint to 50 meter line-50 squats Backwards run
Sprint to 75-75 Mnt climbers backwards run
Sprint to 100- 100 SSHs backwards run back to start.
Modified catch me if you can. Debris was chosen to run a lap. Pax had to do 35 merkins before his return. Should have gone higher. Pax finished and we’re rewarded with 5 Burpees.

Dora abs .5 1 1.5
50 flutter kicks, 100 heal touches, 150 LBCs

Mosey to bottom of hill
High knee to first speed bump, butt kick to next speed bump, sprint it out to Mary.

Freddie Mercurys, box cutters, leg raises, Australian Snow Angels, plank to 6.

COT: McFly 6th man
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – SLT Convergence 1-21, now is the time to EH someone new.
Prayer/Praise – Erika, So Crates SIL. Pray for a path with her transplant.