Q: Maestro

PAX: McFly, Sag, SoCrates, MooMoo (Respect), Debris, Homer, Monte,

INTRO:if you lived in the 80’s you would have love this beatdown. From Top Gun to Rocky we kept moving the whole time. Good fellowship and good to see everyone pushing themselves hard on a cold day

Overhead seal Claps ic10
Squat ic 10

“Danger zone”. SSH the Kenny Lighins rendition of Danger zone when you here the words Danger zone drip for a squat then resume

Moseyed over to the press box for some nice wall planks. Several reps with the last one lifting left leg and then right leg

Moseyed to parking lot for a Rocky Montage after a short motivator speech from Rocky 3 we got to it

11’s 3 Sets

Mike Tysons /air drama

Bonnie Blair (jumping lunge) / squat

Heels to Heaven (leg lift) / big Boy Sit-up

Continuous Mary with Little break
While listing it to “Gonna Fly Now”

Flutter kicks ic 20
Heel touches ic 20
Heels to Heaven ic 15

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 21st Coffeteria
Prayer/Praise –
Sag was our 6th Man
Praying for SoCrates SIL waiting on transplant in Fl and SoCrstes has a baby in the way.
Debris grandfather in law passed
Praying for his wife’s family