Q: Bewyack

PAX: Micro
Moo moo
Mall cop
Slow poke

Quick disclaimer was given and then we moseyed to the coupon shed.

Farmer carried back to where a flag would have been planted but due to my own laziness no flag was planted even though there was a perfectly good ol glory in my truck…
Dang sure didn’t say anything else about 5 core principles or mission statement or credo or nothin – just got all excited about making
a quick rule that only the q could call foxhole today. Then called foxhole!!
Remember bewyack’s foxhole call comes with a prize at the end that is 5 burpees

SSH ic 20
Burpees 5
Foxhole (quick run plus 5 burpees)
Curls ic 20
Rows ic 20
Lbc 50 oyo
Bac front ic
Bac back ic
Chinooks ic
Bent over rows ic 19
Curls ic 20
Foxhole – this was simply to get away from Ralph’s stank fart
Then we grabbed our coupons and front carried down Ralph’s ridge to the track and stopped at the school busses and circled up for some
Overhead press 10 oyo
Overhead press 10 oyo
Overhead press 10 oyo
Overhead press 10 oyo

Then we Bernie sandered back up Ralph’s ridge while we front carried. Once again Ralph needed to break ass and I think gave micro pink eye in the process. got back to go on a short date with Mary
I thought it might be nice to include some of the pax in this – nice it was – productive…not so much 🤣.
Something about boats and canoes and 2 pax needed to demonstrate this which was
Extend your legs in front and your arms to straight out to your sides and then bring them to you.
We did this about 10 times
Yhc called on no one else for anymore help
Lbc 50
Plank to time

Returned our coupons and then Yhc got his flag from his truck and met back for the cot.

Several ops for workouts this weekend whether you wanna run or ruck or get a full beatdown or all three. They are happening all over! Taco Bell is coming out with chicken wings.

Praise – Viking feeling good about his employment sitch. This is such a big deal as men. When we know what we are trying to accomplish and feel confident in our impact we can be a tad more free to mentally tackle and deal with the deeper issues that satan is trying to distract and destroy us with.

Prayer – pray for pax families that are having to deal with serious illness and life altering decisions around the corner

Pledge then since they insist on doing things their way – as if –

Enjoyed being with you men this morning