PAX: Debris, Dirty Dawg, So Crates, Maestro, Sag

INTRO: It was a cold morning and you could see the tiredness on the Pax faces as they walked up. There were only 5 and I can only assume the others were in the fart sack because it was cold or they were out with One Hit buying shirts at 1:00am. We forged on with the 5 HIMs that said they were going to do the hard thing no matter what.

In honor of the UGA National Championship we did 4 quarters.

1st Quater
SSH, Windmills, Overhead Claps, Imperial Walkers

4 Quarters
1st Quarter- Warm-o-Rama
2nd Quarter
Indian Run to bottom of hill. Lead runner held a football and would lateral to Pax running up to the front. If dropped all Pax would drop and do 10 merkins. There were no drops, but there were some close ones. So Crates almost pulled a George Pickens on the concrete to prevent the drop.

Bottom of the hill we did 6’s. 1 burpee at the bottom, run to the top and 5 smurf jacks. Run down 2 burpees and so on.

Mosey to Tennis Courts
The passing of the football followed us. It was dropped and merkins were performed. I will say Dirty Dawg has some wide receiver hands. YHC tired multiple times to catch him off guard for a drop and was unsuccessful.
3rd Quarter-The first 2 drives are the most important.
While 3 pax did suicides until the other pax completed the 1st drive.
1st Drive
15 Merkins
15 Alternating shoulder tap
15 Monkey Humpers
Then Swap

2nd Drive-Pax alternated between high knees and butt kicks while they did suicides
20 Squats
20 Mnt Climbers
20 Werkins
20 Plank Jacks

Mosey to track field.
4th Quarter-Pax would call their exercise and then would punt the football from the 50 yard line. Where ever the ball hit was the number of reps.
Maestro-40 Merkins, yes it only went 10 yards.
Dirty Dawg- 20 Freddie Mercurys, yes he’s a wide receiver and a punter
YHC-35 American Hammers
So Crates-It’s slipped my mind what exercise we did.
Debris-25 yard bear crawl to the football.

Flutter kicks, LBCs, heal touches, leg raises, 6” leg lift.

COT: 6th Man Maestro echoed the words of Free Bird. BE INVOLVED. Not just with F3, but with you family, your job, your church whatever it may be.
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – SLT convergence January 21st at Young Life Center
Prayer/Praise – Pray for So Crates SIL Erika as she is waiting for a liver transplant and fighting the battle of insurance. Pray for Maestro’s niece Ellie as she is in the children’s hospital dealing with seizures

GO DAWGS!!!!!!