Q: OneHit

PAX: Flomax, Maestro, Piggyback, Buzzard, Scooter, Spackler, Big Chick, Scope Down, OneHit

INTRO: we did a quick count off and got to work.
disclaimer was made in route. Spackler said he was good with so I was good with it.

THE THANG: We Rucked for 3.1 Miles and a Bertha

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – cantrel 5k and daybreak sleep out event
Prayer/Praise – Flomax business and conversations, buzzard sister in law.
I also announced that it was my 10 year ago my M dropped me off at No Longer Bound and I’m grateful to be where I am today. The days are long but the years fly past. thankful for you men and what f3 has meant to me over the past 5 years.

Good Work Men!