Q: Geppetto

One Hit
Big Chic
French Lick
Long Haul
Run Flat


YHC wondered if it would be a solo ruck this morning with rain rolling in and the temps dropping.
No Chance!
I appreciate the accountability and comradery that comes with F3, left to my own I would have stayed in bed the last 2 mornings. You men call me to account time and again.


One Hit rolled in and we rolled out! Slight drizzle and a slight chill. Nothing some hills and weight can’t fix.


We Rucked. 3.1 miles towards the 500


YHC shared a quote from Oz Guinness’s book “The Call”
“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.”

This may seem strange at first, shouldn’t we strive to do all things well? Dad always said “if you are going to do something half-a@# don’t do it at all”. But if there is something of great importance and value and you are that HIM, even if you struggle through or fail in some way it is still worthy of your effort and time.

Where can you apply this in your life? As a Husband, Dad, at work, picking up the Q? These are valuable task that deserve your efforts and attempts no matter the outcome, whether you can achieve perfection or not (you can’t).

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –

Gobbler challange at The Yard next Thursday!
500 Mile Challenge

Prayer/Praise –

GPS is with family. Prayers for that time and peace.
Big Chic asked for prayers for his wife whose father passed away 10 years ago this month, Nov is always difficult. And his family will have to be in a hotel all next week while their house is taken care of.
Geppetto’s kids have been sick, health and rest