Q: Buick

PAX: Run flat
Mr Fixit
French lick
One hit
Roll tide
Mountain momma



Five core

Mission system


I debated on whether or not to take it easy and just help everyone nurse their aches and pains but that wouldn’t be leading us to be better and it wouldn’t be leading me to be better.
I had quit during the first challenge of week 0. I had given up. My soul was stolen. Then I fired myself as CEO and hired someone else that put me back at the grunt position and told me to get back to work.

Today I want to focus where I think I’m the the most weak. So we are going to do exercises that pretty much cover the entire body.

Warm up with 20 burpees
10 bear hugs ic
10 ssh ic
Touch your toes


Grab a coupon
Front carry to the parking lot

Front carry lunge walk 10 steps.
Place the coupon down for 10 irkins
Rinse and repeat all the way across

When you get to the other side do yourself a favor and get you 10 mike Tyson’s then grab your coupon

Carry your coupon over your head and lunge walk all the way back

Q got 2 while the other pax got em 3 rounds

Hold your coupon to your chest and do a stiff leg bend at the waist for measly 20 reps
Run with your coupon front carry to the other side and murder bunny back

For 3 rounds

Scooter got a little upset with his murder bunnies and decided to crush his coupon…

Mosey to jim Shaws for a set of 21 ssh ic

Mosey back to get the coupons and get back to ao

MARY:no time for her

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – biscuits for crossroads residents and all f3 pax that wanna get you one. Buick will be providing. Please let him know if you’ll be eating one this Friday after ruck
Another 5 k coming up. Myrtle has sent info on slack. Breast cancer 5k

Prayer/Praise – praise again for zerbs son, Wolverine accepting Jesus into his heart. Great word spoken by one hit “so many times we are praying for only what we can see and the Lord is at work taking it to a whole new level.” This is truly what f3 cot is all about – when we gather together in the name of Jesus the church comes alive and lives are changed.
Please remember mr fixit and pray for peace as he goes in for his consult and as he continues to minister and mentor Brantley at church.
Lift up peaches as he continues to await his surgery date.
Run flat asked that we remember the family in Warner Robins that’s child wandered off the balcony of the condo and fell and died.