Q: Free Bird

PAX: Szczerbiak, Fancy, No See Em (visitor from Alpharetta, if I recall correctly), Mr. Fix It, Maestro, Flowmax, Pointer, Scooter, McFly, GPS, One Hit, Free Bird

INTRO: YHC fumbled through a disclaimer, but totally redeemed himself with a smooth recitation of the 5 core principles and mission statement.

Beatdown was dubbed The Exicon Enhancer
If you’re like YHC, we tend to gravitate to many of the same exercises when we Q. Today was all about introducing new or rarely used exercises. The goal was for each Pax to pick up a few new moves to add to their quiver for their next Q. Today was YHC’s first Q at About Face so we kept it close to the flag for the entire workout.

Frankensteins IC x 20
Matt Biondis IC x 15
Sprinkler IC x 15
Tie Fighters IC x 15
Dancing Bears IC x 15

All Pax were instructed to retrieve a coupon and 2 bricks and circle up for:
Floyd Mayweathers IC
Merkin Jacks IC – YHCs favorite this morning. It’s a burner. Start in plank position, 1-merkin down and hold, 2-plank jack out, 3- plank jack in, 4-push up to plank position.
V Up Roll Ups OYO x 15
Swimmers IC x 20
Colt 45s OYO x 45
Stagger Merkins IC x 10 on each side
Alternating Side Squats – IC
Grave Diggers OYO x 20
Nolan Ryans IC – Pax were right on answering with Robin Ventura as the unfortunate victim of Mr. Ryan’s headlock thumping
Catalina Wine Mixer – IC
Pistons – IC x 20
Chicken Peckers – OYO x 20
Homer to Marge Merry Relay
Merkin Wipes – OYO x 8
Iron Squats – IC x 20
Bent Row – OYO x 30

Global Warming – Start in Al Gore position, sideways squat shuffle around circle while YHC and Pax called out exercises (diamond merkins, burpees, big boy sit ups, bonnie blairs, SSH, etc) and back to Al Gore squat walk between each exercise.

Reverse Crunch
Little Mermaids
Weezy Jefferson
Pretzel Crunch

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – See changes to Pink Out 5k; Week 5 has been added to Iron Pax – Yay!; Be on the lookout for potential updates to Fall 2.0 event due to Iron Pax 5.
Prayer/Praise – Prayers for Flomax and Tater as they compete in adventure race and for healing for Tater’s back; Prayers for family and friends, including several F3 Macon pax, of man who recently passed away after battling substance abuse; Prayers for No See Em and Free Bird’s families.