Q: Buick

PAX: Maestro
Roll tide
One hit
Mr fixit

5 core from mr fixit
Mission statement from gps
Credo from Myrtle

Freed to lead part 2

Burpees 5
Hillbillies ic 10
Burpees 5
Talked about picking up the six. Had some good responses.
One hit specifically said something that I can’t remember but was thinking at the time I wish i was writing this down.

Then we moseyed to vineville beverage then to ridge then up ridge to the church. Ran up the stairs and circled up for 5 burpees.
Talked about how Jesus was the ultimate example of picking up the six.
SSH 21’s
One pax misfired so we had
5 burpees
Talked about how when we are the examples of men that we need to be our little girls will understand what to look for in a husband
SSH 21’s
Talked about how God is completely unconcerned with hurting our pride but more interested in killing it and conforming us to the likeness of his son. So if we are smart we will humble ourselves …
5 burpees
Then we moseyed to the corner of vineville for a little f3 advertising as we did circle of pain. Read the paper while waiting for pax to complete
5 burpees.
Talked about being the husbands our wives deserve, and what a honey do list really means. One pax gave the total incorrect answer
5 burpees
Another pax picked up with answering correctly. The honey do list is there to help the home run and be maintained as a steward. It’s not a list set to overwhelm the him to the point where it never gets done. It’s also there to help the him understand this can be done all in due time without sacrificing.
Moseyed to the bike shop
5 burpees
Got 5 more in honor of run flat admitting that the fart sack felt too good to leave.
Moseyed back to about face
5 burpees

50 lbc
10 heels to heaven
Plank for 1.5 min

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – check slack
Prayer/Praise – prayed for peaches. That Jesus would provide a super natural element of confidence in the drs and peace in peaches heart. Prayed for zerb and one hit daughter.
Felt good to stay off the shoulder for one more day.