Q: Ipc 2022

PAX: Buick
Roll tide
One hit
Tommy boy
Pony express
Tater salad

INTRO:Tattnall gave a brief intro that included
A disclaimer

WARM-O-RAMA:Tattnall lead us in some warm ups before the challenge ascended

Bell ringer

Start in the center with 5 man makers
Rifle carry 25 yds to first cone for 10 we’re not worthy
Farmer carry coupon back to the middle
Back at the middle 5 more man makers
Rifle carry to second cone
15 goblet squats (coupon to chest)
Farmer carry back to the middle
5 more man makers
Rifle carry to cone 3
20 tricep extensions
Farmer carry back to center
5 man makers
Rifle carry to cone 4
25 kettle bell swings
Farmer carry to center for 5 man makers
Rifle carry to cone 5 for 30 curls

Each round counted for 125 reps and so the pain began … and eventually ended 45 min later.


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.we almost got left once again with counting off and naming off but Buick felt the need to call us to order with numbers and names and so forth
Announcements – don’t forget about the next 5 k and week three of ipc starts today – apparently there’s a jump rope involved coming soon…
Prayer/Praise – praise Jesus that hollie is feeling much much better after an iv of fluids and she was treated for what they called a silent case of reflux. She came home that afternoon and took a nap and then had supper and slept through the night. By the time Buick got home from the ipc she was ready to give him his list of chores none of which went undone before the ga game kicked off – so he had that goin for him… which was nice

Tattnall prayed for the fella that was able to be revived – how precious life is! Rest up men French lick is gonna put it on us in the morning!