Q: Maestro

PAX: Baskin, French lick, Onehit, Szcerbiack (R) , Mr. Fixit, Run flat, Buick, Puma, Maestro, Chum

INTRO: 🤠 yHC gave a beautiful disclaimer. mr Fixit nailed the 5 core principles, and YHC gave the mission and credo. Buick drove a clown car for YHC and runflat and got us there early enough to have some mumblechatter with French lick and chum. I even had time to sort some mini coupons for the fun and games.

After the warmorama we grabbed a brick in each hand and didn’t drop them until after Mary

WARM-O-RAMA: 10 Burbees oyo
Hill billies ic 15
Big arm circles ic 15
Low squat 15

Grab a brick in each hand and mosey

THE THANG: we wound up at the retail shop where we did a round of shoulder blasters with the bricks

Seal claps
Overhead claps
Big arm circles
Little arm circles
Morracan night clubs
Overhead claps
(Not in that order)

COP Annie

Merkins ic 10

Ran to the big nasty hill past Tatnalls house with our bricks

3 rounds of Bernie sanders
With exercises each round
Shoulder taps 10
Smurf Jacks 10
Low Squat 10

Overhead brick flutter kicks ic 30
6” leg plank ic 20

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – lots of stuff on slack
Prayer/Praise – praying for Fixit to heal. Praying for baskin and Deseree (foster child)