Q: Run Flat

PAX: One Hit
Nature Boy
French Lick
Mr. Fixit
Run Flat

5 Core Principles
F3 Mission Statement

Big Arm Circles – IC
Little Are Circles – IC

“Indian Walk” w/ Coupons to the parking lot next door – We walked in a single file line holding our coupons in our right hand. The PAX at the rear passed his coupon forward with his left hand to the PAX in front of him, dropped down and did 3 Merkins, then ran to the front of the line to receive his coupon as it arrived. Each PAX in the line carried his coupon with his right hand or shoulder so he could pass the coupon from the rear forward with his left hand. We rinsed and repeated until we arrived to the parking lot.

4 Corners (5 Rounds)
-Coupon Curls
-Coupon Squats
-Shoulder Presses w/ Coupons
-Bent Over Rows w/ Coupons

The mode of transportation to each of the 4 corners was the MURDER BUNNY!

Round 1 = 50 reps per corner
Round 2 = 40 reps per corner
Round 3 = 30 reps per corner
Round 4 = 20 reps per corner
Round 5 = 10 reps per corner

Time did not allow us to complete all 5 rounds, so we loaded up our coupons and “Indian Walked” back to About Face in the same fashion in which we came. The PAX in the rear passed his coupon forward, did 3 merkins, then ran to the front to receive his dearly missed coupon. This time around each PAX held their coupon with their left hand or shoulder so they could pass the coupons forward with their right hands. For some reason the level of difficulty increased on the trip back…

Big Boy Sit-Ups w Coupons – 15 OYO
Freddie Mercuries – IC
Little Baby Crunches – 30 OYO

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.

Announcements –
Iron PAX Challenge Registration – Be sure to sign up!

Prayer/Praise –
-Prayers for a quick recovery for those who are sick this season with the Flu or a cold.
-Prayers for clarity and understanding for what our true purpose is in our professional and
personal lives.