Q: Maestro

PAX: Dingo Myrtle (double respect) RunFlat GPS Tatnall(Respect) One-hit

INTRO:all about the quads to today. I wanted to focus on what was the least sore for me. I’m still getting over the patriot games. So quads it was. I gave a disclaimer and runflat gave a valiant attempt at the 5 core principles. We got some q source in the mix and I threw in a couple newer exercises as well.
It was a beatdown I’m sure we’ll feel tomorrow.


Merkins 10 ic
Squats 10 ic
Deep squat talked about LDP
Finkle kick 10 ic each leg
Bonnie Blair’s 10 oyo
Bear hugs ic 10
Big arm circles ic 10
Hold Al gore 45 sec
Bonnie Blair’s 10 oyo 2 counts
Lunge walk up the hill
Mosey to retail shop


Hold Al gore for 45 sec

Devil in pan 10 ic
Devil out of the pan 20 ic
Rinse and repeat

Bonnie Blair’s single count 11
Monkey humpers

Mike Tyson’s 20, 15 and then 15
Calf raises in between

Circle up
Howling monkeys 15
Toe touches grab your ankles straitened your knees x2
Finkle swing
Deep squat
Quad stretch x10 each leg

Mosey back to About Face


Mary on the driveway (decline)
V ups ic 20
LBC ic 20
Flutters ic 15
Freddie Mercury ic 15

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – runFlat grandfather, Myrtle shared on God not moving away from us